Top 15 career-related courses for fresher graduate students

There are countless professional courses for fresh graduates that help in building a progressive career. The market is drastically changing and every industry is competing to reach the top. The minimum eligibility for professional need has changed over the years and a person who finished his matriculation is not enough to land up with a good profession. Graduation became a standard to get a decent job for any individual. To take things one notch higher based on the 2021 market needs and demands, it is best to do an additional career-related course after graduation.

People are running towards higher education and the numbers of students with post-graduation degrees are almost 100% if you compare it with the last decade. To have a graduation degree is not enough in this cut-throat competition.  Specialization in a particular area is perfect to take a path for professional growth. A specialization will give you limelight and preference over the others. In this post, we would like to highlight some of the best professional courses you can take after graduation.

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PGDM specialization has taken a different turn since the last decade now. Most of the business schools offer a PGDM based on the subjects you want and the flexibility to browse an updated syllabus. Most of the professional agencies and MNC’s are showing interest in candidates with a PGDM degree. If you haven’t decided on any specialization after graduation, then we are listing down the two most common PGDM courses that every alternate individual studies.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDM HR)

The PGDM in Human Resource Management is one of the oldest and prestigious courses for ambitious individuals. This course has produced industry leaders to help the corporate sector grow. This course will prove out to be a brilliant step to a fulfilling career.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance

The finance industry has endless scope for number-driven professionals. Taking up a specialization will only highlight the career growth for an individual.

  • M-Tech

This course is for students who have completed their B.E or B.Tech can join a 2-year program to enhance their technical skills and land up a decent job.  Apart from a good management course, this technical course will be of good use after graduation. If you are an individual looking to get a job in their core subject, taking up M.Tech is a good option.

  • MBA

Taking up MBA after graduation is also helpful to build a progressive career. Management courses have a lot of scope for individuals and it has extreme value in the industry. If you take a specialization in marketing, HR, or finance, it will surely add up to build a fulfilling career for you.

  • PGPM

The Post management program course is also an amazing escape to the professional world. However, the PGPM program charges a little high. If you are looking to get a management certification in a short duration of time, then this course after graduation will be perfect for you. It is a 1-year certificate course and opens the door to opportunity for you.

  • Tally

Tally course is designed for small-scale industries because not every business can afford an SAP. If an individual has expertise in Tally after becoming a commerce graduate, then their expertise will be put to use. You will learn good topics like billing, banking, payroll, taxation, etc.


The post-graduation diploma in Event Management & Activation has immense opportunity. No matter what the situation is, most people are celebrating even the small events on a large scale. This post-graduation course is useful for individuals looking to have their own business or a fresh graduate looking to build a career in event management. This professional course became highly popular because people invest a lot of money in event management and that creates a buzz in the market.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in hotel management

Hotel management is one of the most suggested courses after post-graduation. If you like playing with spices, then taking up a post-graduation diploma is the perfect solution for you. The course will allow you to learn from the basic level, it starts with cutlery training and takes you up to hospitality and management. If you are into a good college, you can also find good internship and placement opportunities as a breakthrough.

  • PGDM in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a growing sector and taking up a PGD course will only increase your chances for a successful career. A digital marketing professional will fulfill the need of digitizing their company with the help of a suitable strategy.

  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (PGDSE)

This diploma course after graduation is an important platform for scholars to enhance their professional skills. This course will help you in becoming a high-yielding team player with any organization. It highlights your skills with JavaEE, Java, along with software and engineering skills.

Business Accounting and Taxation

This course is for the commerce graduate looking to build a career in accounting and taxation. The duration of this course is usually 90 days and deals with payroll policies, accounting concepts, financial statements, Sap modules, etc.

Mobile App Development

This is possibly one of the most important courses that you can opt for. At the age of smart phones, everyone is using various apps on their phones for food, fitness, music, work, traveling, etc. There are millions of apps that can be used on a Smartphone for practically anything. Getting enrolled in this course means you will be developing the top apps of the decade.

Machine Learning

There are various predictions that say that artificial intelligence is the new future. Then prediction also says that in everyday life or in the digital format, AI will be a real game-changer. There are certain things to get things in perspective for artificial intelligence. It is now used in every industry and it is going to be far more superior than it already is. So taking up machine learning after graduation will be a wise decision for career-driven professionals.

Diploma in Computer Application

This course offers you to learn various computer applications like MS Office, Operating System, Database Management, HTML, Internet Application, and more. It is a basic course that will allow you to take up various professions of your choice. You can own a cyber café; apply for a computer teacher, and others. After you finish with the basic level, you can start with an advanced level in computer application.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

We already discussed the specialization in management studies with human resources or finance. However, some students want to get into human resources without taking up the management study. For those students, taking up the Diploma in Human Resource Management is a perfect choice. This Diploma course opens doors to training and development programs along with placement and internships. In this course, you will learn to deal with employee policy, change of management, employment law at the global and domestic level, organizational behavior, and compensation.

Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management (PGP-PMP)

This one-year course in public policy and management will help you learn public management, financial adjustments, framework development, and management of international organizations. This course is a one–year full-time course for public servants and they are taught to deal with management issues.

These careers related courses will allow a candidate to build their career according to the long-term market demand. It will not only give you exposure but you will also have a professional skill for life.