How to get a job in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Career Path in 2020: What You Need to Know

Digital marketing is the next big thing, and it is already changing how anyone does their business. But, is the place to make your career? What is the future of a digital marketing professional? The write-up tries to answer these questions for you.

Which was the last advertisement you have seen?

Go on, I am waiting. Tick Tok – Tick Tok – Tick Tok.

Times up.

Next question, do you remember Fevicol’s 90’s ad? A man hanging from the cliff, holding on to a woman (probably his lady love), urging her to hold on to him. The synchronized dialogue delivery of “Pakre Rehna – Chorna Nei” (hold on to me – do not leave me) has been etched into our mind.

So, it probably took you a way lesser amount of time, in comparison to remember the latest advertisement you have seen.


And, that my friend is the power of good marketing campaign. Marketing a product has always been about a having a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. The amount of recall value defines the success of the campaign, and in the long run the sales. You see, for most of the 90s kids, Fevicol became the brand image for adhesive. Most of us tend to prefer buying this brand of adhesive glue, even if there are multiple options available. A good marketing, when done right can change the way a consumer perceives the product.

However, online advertisements and marketing campaign have taken over the television ad, replacing them to somewhat percentage. Traditional marketing campaigns are not dead, but digital marketing is giving it a tough competition.

Now digital marketers are taking up the front seat in the marketing campaigns, and bringing in substantial amount of business for the entrepreneurs. In the current world scenario, with social distancing and staying indoors becoming the new normal, online marketing is getting a preference among the sellers.

Choosing digital marketing as career path

With such a surge in digital marketing prospects, this sector is bringing in new scopes of employment for the Gen Z. Even experienced professionals are learning digital marketing to open up the new ventures for their careers.  Overall, digital marketing is sure to revolutionize global job sector and making a ripple effect in the process.


Some of the common digital marketing job profiles offer lucrative salary package with additional benefits. Moreover, professionals get a chance to work in multiple industries and gain insight on them. Here are some of the job profile where the digital marketer salary is quite good:

  • Content developer and strategist
  • Content marketing manager
  • Email and mobile marketing
  • SEO marketing specialist
  • Social media marketer
  • Digital marketing analyst

Now the biggest question for the young digital marketers is how to channelize their skills in the right direction – so that they can get suitable jobs in respect to their skills and talent. Let’s answer the biggest question in the mind of a digital marketer – How to get a job in digital marketing?

Getting a job in digital marketing sector

Digital marketing is a dynamic field, and you need to have a dynamic approach to land a good job in this field. Instead of following the herd, experts recommend creating a plan of action to make a better impact career-wise. Let’s look at some of the important pointers that can help the career prospect:

Define your career goals

It is the first thing before setting up a career in digital marketing is to pin-point the career goal and what are you expecting from this sector. It is important to set the priorities right, and work accordingly to achieve these goals.

According to experts, for setting up a realistic career goal – it is important to focus on few pointers, like:

  1. Qualification
  2. Work culture
  3. Monetary expectation
  4. Work location
  5. Career progress

Apart from that, it is important to assess the current situation, and how will you fit in these developments.  

Creating path to achieve the career goals

After setting up a goal in digital marketing career, it is time to set up the ways and the timeline to achieve them. Most of the successful digital marketers create a career game plan to achieve these targets.


Pro tip: Create a Vision Board, a set up your career goals with images and apt motivations to keep you focused on your goal.

Creating your different identity in the industry

Instead of losing your identity to the crowds, take a chance and be different from the heard. To set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to highlight your strong points while working on your weaker domains. Try to use your weakness in your favor, so that it can add a brand value to your profession.

Some important things to remember:

It is important to stay motivated in the field. While some say that it is important to always learn new things in the digital marketing, other consider having an industry mentor can be beneficial. Both the tips are essentially good, and can help in making you a career hot shot. The Carney Consultancy Services is one of the trusted digital marketing training institute that can help you in staying ahead of your competitors. To know more, visit or call +91 983-052-0826.