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Stuck with confusion over whether you should take up digital marketing classes? Wondering which course module is best suited for you? Do you have queries about how these courses would help you with your career?

Carney Academy has all your doubts cleared and queries answered. Here you go.

Among the trendiest courses today is Digital Marketing Course that allows learning marketing our products and services online through digital mediums like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices.

Carney Academy offers digital marketing courses that are suitable for students, working professionals, as well as start-up owners and entrepreneurs. It is for anyone and everyone who is looking forward to take up digital marketing as their career or as a catalyst for their career.

There is no specific qualification that is required to get admission in the courses by Carney Academy. Anyone, who is interested to learn the detailed strategies and updates of digital marketing can apply for the courses to get trained as per their requirements.

Following are the different advanced IT professional courses trained in Carney Academy:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation and Marketing Training
  • PPC Training

For students who have just completed their graduation, or a working professional who is just introduced to digital marketing benefits, the basic module to start with is the one that includes the introductions of SEO, SMM and  Content Creation along with Email Marketing. However, it depends on your trainer to fine-tune your modules as per your needs and learning curves.

It depends on what module or course you are taking up. Most of our courses vary between duration of three to six months.

It depends on what module or course you are taking up. Most of our courses vary between duration of three to six months.

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No, there is nothing specific for the batch strength. However, we do ensure that each individual is given equal attention and care during the training, and hence we don’t prefer it too much crowded depending on the modules undertaken.

Keeping in mind that online is the need of the hour, we do ensure about regular online classes and the modules are kept just the same as our offline classes. Anyone who can’t attend regular classes due to their busy schedules can opt for online ones as per the slot availability.

Time is a precious thing in today’s world, and not everyone has the luxury to travel to and fro to our center for regular classes. Hence, we prefer not to bring on any differences in the modules for online and offline regular classes for our courses. The modules, the trainers, and the assignments remain unchanged for both the variants.

Digital Marketing is a varied career specialization course with multiple modules where every course has its unique features. Your designation would depend on the type of course or module you have joined in. Among the most popular career building designations are SEO Optimizer, Social Media Marketer, PPC Expert, etc.

Yes, it is. Infact, we suggest you should switch to digital marketing strategies to make a better impression, promotion, and a faster growth of your company or business. Digital Marketing Course would essentially help you with moulding your career with the right tactics and hacks to bring it on a track initiated and successfully accomplished by digital world.

If you are a working professional or an entrepreneur who is already doing quite good without digital marketing inputs, queries like these might be common in your head. But, we would be glad to put it up as a course as worthy as digital marketing is not only the best catalyst to rocket high your already running business, but is also a futuristic approach to opt for to have a handful of opportunities that lie with only digitalization.

You will be supplied with relevant study materials, recorded videos, and assignment papers for the candidates to solve and submit. The recorded videos would help you to learn and revise the modules later. The study materials remain the same for regular and online classes where the ones opting for the latter would be mailed their study materials by courier.

Like any other courses, digital marketing course by Carney Consultancy Services is completed and acknowledged with a certificate which has an adequate value in the market. Upon successfully completion of the course modules, each candidate would be provided with a certificate accredited by West Bengal government of Skill Development and Skill India in association with Carney Technologies Services.

As per the traditional thinking, digital marketing knowledge is essentially beneficial for the freelancers who can work on their own for any kind of business with the aid of their deep knowledge earned from our Digital Marketing Course.

Digital marketing is, in fact, the best option that any small scale business can opt for to take their businesses to the next level. Candidates who are business owners can specifically find digital marketing courses to be fruitful in promoting and marketing their products and/or services at the right platforms.

Every industry can be helped with the use of digital marketing. The best ones to be benefited are:

  • IT/ ITES
  • Technical
  • Telecom/ Technology/ ISP
  • Education / Training
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • FMCG
  • Automobile
  • Engineering
  • Banking
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Human Resource
  • Tour & Travel
  • Export/ Import
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Event Management
  • Manufacturing / Operations

There are several modules and specializations that we offer in our digital marketing courses, including SEO Course, SMM Course, SEM Course, Content Marketing Course, Email Marketing Course, and more. Among thsese, you can pick the best one as per your requirements, preference and business needs.

Yes, our expert trainer and representatives are always there to guide you and to help you choose the right digital marketing course for your future growth.

A business owner can expect the following benefits for their respective businesses:

  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Results
  • Great ROI
  • Wider reach-outs

The course fees vary from modules to modules. It is better to check out about the same after you select a particular course, module, or specialization. We do accept payment in cash, card, and other popular mobile wallets.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing skills to the next label ? Join our course today !