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Carney Academy is aware of the fact that digital marketing is the ultimate need of the moment and what our future demands for. The prominent factor that each industry needs the help of digital marketing makes it all the more imperative.

Welcome to the courses offered by Carney Academy . Professional certified courses varying on different modules and duration are what we cater to the crowd. We totally believe that only the best learning experience has the power to envision a world where each one can transform their lives in their own best ways. Hence, every course module speaks of individual requirements, basic criteria, and updated strategies meant for today as well as tomorrow.

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Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses with Recognized certifications

It is a known fact that digital marketing is a domain that seems to be exhausting too frequently and much faster than anything else relevant. A change in algorithm happens and you would notice a huge change in the industry with some really topsy-turvy results. Something that is working today might not be any more effective a week later.

That is the reason why keeping yourself updated with the what’s and how’s of essential digital marketing courses. At Carney Academy , we majorly focus on ongoing updates and at the same time focus on creating strong foundations.

Here is where our specially crafted modules crawl in. Our curriculum is vividly set to nurture an aspiring professional or consultant of digital marketing expertise who would know the industry inside out.

Our Curriculum makes the learner to know the various channels which can be used for promotions and its something dealt in details. Their learning is further strengthened by an in-depth dive into strategy creation for each of these channels.

Learn with us the top to bottom of digital marketing strategy and learn how to execute and apply the same in real life scenarios. Among the several modules created and segregated for students, professionals and entrepreneurs of different age group, industries and requirement basis, we make sure that your efforts and our inputs don’t go in vain.

We do provide offline as well as online class to cater individual needs in this super hectic schedule. Each module is divided in a span of three to six months irrespective of whether you are taking regular classes or attending it over the web. There are recorded videos, assignments and regular tasks along with live projects to ensure that your learning cycle is complete in a frame. This is the best way we come up with to invoke digital marketing basics and professional certified strategies.

Certification Details:

Carney Academy ensures transparency and complete exploration of industry standard as far as Digital Marketing and its minute details are concerned. At the same time, we do ensure the ones reaching out to us would get the best value for money in terms of education, learning, certification, and career.

We provide certificates accredited by West Bengal government of Skill Development and Skill India in association with our in-house institute Carney Technologies Services that has been making its presence felt in the industry since the last 14 years.

Course Certification

A course certificate is an official declaration by Carney Academy that you have successfully completed a course with us and is ready to plunge in to the career prospect that awaits out there.

Your course certificates will be made available to you in hard copy once you successfully complete the course, its modules, assignments, tasks and live projects. The ones attending the online courses would be sent their respective certificates by courier.

A Certification includes:

  • Your name
  • Your course name
  • The instructor’s name
  • The logo of West Bengal government of Skill Development and Skill India and signature of the concerned person(s)
  • A verification URL to authenticate the certificate
  • Most importantly, a statement to declare that the certificate holder has successfully completed the particular course and is skilled enough to be entrusted with relevant career opportunities.
  • Your photograph with the seal of Carney Academy and West Bengal government of Skill Development and Skill India
  • English is the only language that is included in the certificate

Please note that Carney Academy do not provide any professional or academic credits or grades.

Certifications provided for courses

  • SEO Certification
  • Google Certification
    • Google Ads Fundamentals
    • Display Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Search Advertising
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising
    • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
  • Digital Unlocked
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional certification
  • SEMrush certification

Our certifications are the best way to make you ready to face the world out there that waits with lots of opportunity to succeed in career. Let Carney Academy guide you through the right way, in the right way.

Carney technologies services
Carney Academy provides full stack job ready digital marketing training for a better future.