B2B Link Building Strategies That Still Work in 2020

Effective business marketing strategy that delivers is hard to find and harder to execute. While planning a big promotional campaign, marketers must consider several factors including creative thought process, ideology of the audience, and budget constraints. Without these, creating a successful and attractive marketing campaign might seem like a far-fetched idea.

While taking about targeted audience/demographic, it is important to note that each business has its own set. While one business enterprise (like supermarket chains, or apparel trader) might cater to individual buyers, another might sell to the other companies or businesses.

You must understand that your marketing strategy is mostly dominated by the audience and their reaction towards your product. Each set of sellers require

Therefore, while selling your product to the existing businesses (B2B marketing) you need to work in a different direction for engaging with them. Before discussing B2B marketing strategies, you must

What is B2B marketing?

The business to business (B2B) marketing is a promotional strategy directed towards targeted business organizations. Industries which sell their products or services, or both, to other businesses instead of individual consumers, use B2B promotional tactics to reach out to these organizations.      

Just like any good promotional campaign, the B2B strategies aim at capturing the attention of the targeted audience base – in this case the other organizations. It accounts for an extended sales cycles, and larger share of investment from the buyers. According to many, companies selling their products directly to the sellers/businesses/organizations need to have a thorough marketing plan in the mind.

Some of the popular forms of B2B marketing strategies, include:

  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. SEO

Apart from these three, account-based marketing strategies are used to attract consumers.

What is link-building?

The SEO training courses define link-building as a dynamic marketing strategy, which can direct the readers/audience to the intended page through other websites. Technically, it is a process of acquiring hyperlinks (the portals that help the user/visitors to navigate between two pages on the web) on another website for your own website.

Ask any SEO analyst, and they will tell you link building is probably the most challenging – as well as the most rewarding – part of the job. Essentially, the analyst must hit three targets with the link building:

  1. Drive the traffic towards the content
  2. Convert visitors and generate revenues
  3. Assist the crawler to find the page during the search, and rank it

With the right link-building techniques, any B2B business can be easily picked up by the Google Crawlers improving the ranking in the process. Additionally, it can help in improving the domain authority of the page.

Here are some of the reason why link-building is important for a B2B marketing campaign:

  • Google says so

Google launched its core update in January 2020, where it began prioritizing the buyer’s intention. Additionally, pages which prioritized the consumers preferences and provided personalized contents found higher ranking. And, to get on the first page – you need links.

  • Higher visibility

With optimized links, the visibility of the content increases by a substantial percentage – helping the brands to reach more consumers in a shorter interval.

Also, link- building can give the website a certificate of authenticity and reliability. Additionally, get faster indexing of the website. With all these benefits, link-building is indeed a helpful tool in B2B marketing campaigns.

How to do link building in 2020?

Here are few of the hacks in making the link-building effective tool of marketing the business.

  • Developing original content 

For any business, especially the online one, content is the lifeblood. It does all the talking on your behalf and introduced the potential consumers what you have to offer. It does not matter what you are selling, you must create content (video or written, or both) to attract the readers.

One of the biggest challenges a content creator faces is creating original content – on a schedule. You see, content creation is a creative process and requires time. Also, too much of content bombardment can be overwhelming for the readers/consumer. The key here is finding the right balance.

Some might even recommend, creating informative long content that has more appeal to the readers. These contents take the pressure of creating daily contents as well as promotes the brand more easily.

  • Broken Link Building Strategy 

One of the most scalable ways of achieving, broken link building can surely bring in something good for your marketing tactics – when done in the right direction. True, it is lengthy, but it surely delivers results. Here you find the dead or broken links and recreate the contents for the link. Next, you provide the webmaster with the new content and link to the webmaster, requesting them to replace the existing ones with the newly formed content and link.

  • Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing is an interesting way of building links. With the right marketing strategies involving an influencer, the content can reach more viewers and make it more trustworthy to the readers/ customers.

Some of the tools like Followerwonk, can help you in finding the right influencer for your brand. These people can help in making your website more approachable to the consumers, thereby increasing the sales.

Some other hacks like guest posting and providing linkable assets can also help in the long run.

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