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Introducing Carney Academy

Carney Academy is a fresh approach towards today’s need to beat challenges and at the same time to grab opportunities in the best possible way. We are a group of leaders in digital marketing as a whole, and we are strategized to be a pioneer as a professional training company.

At Carney Academy, we believe and abide by the ideology that one needs to blend digital and human capabilities to reach the functional expertise and industry excellence that is practically the need of the hour. Our prime aim is to bring on the mandatory change through leading-edge consulting across the country to provide an equal and deserved opportunity to students, professionals, start-up owners, and established entrepreneurs through certified digital marketing course involving several modules and topics.

Our Journey from “Then” to “Now”

Carney Academy began its journey in 2013 with the primary aim to focus on Full Stack Digital Marketing Course. With an approach to grow amidst the digital revolution, we are today East India’s top consultancy and professional training company delivering top class trainings to students, professionals and entrepreneurs in the fields of digital marketing and related topics.

Today, we not only assure that the trainings are imparted with the purpose of learning and knowledge, but we do also make sure that the aspiring professionals and interested students are placed at right places as per industry standard.

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How we work?

We at Carney Academy, consider to combine human ingenuity with the right digital touch for individual interested person. We have developed certified digital marketing course with multiple modules for segregated groups varying from students to professionals to entrepreneurs. These modules and courses vary in their duration and course topics perfectly matching as per the requirements of each individual and each divided group.

Our commitment

We are committed to our goal to place every aspiring student in the best agencies all over the country. At the same time, we make sure that working professionals looking for a job or professional shift might get the right guidance in digital marketing world to expect a steady growth in their career. Start-up owners and established entrepreneurs are also ensured to gain knowledge of digital marketing so that they can utilize the same in their respective businesses.

Unlimited Possibilities

Offline Courses

We offer offline courses for everyone who can’t make it for regular classes. Get study materials and recorded visuals for easy access and grasp of the course modules.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encompass every upgradation of digital marketing as an industry and pass on the same to the ones interested to learn about the same for their respective growth.

Professional Certificate

We ensure certified digital marketing courses and modules which hold importance of the highest level. We also make sure to provide 100% placement with our associate agencies all over the country.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing skills to the next label ? Join our course today !