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5 tips to choose the right digital marketing institute in Kolkata

Digital has become a predominant channel and how! Not just for communication, digital is the new wave in almost every sector of our lives. It is more than just an alternative and has paved ways for lucrative avenues for businesses to succeed. Online digital marketing not just helps getting the insights about the prospects but also improves the brand longevity.

Students and professionals these days, are thus, getting more interested in procuring a new skill set that can help them thrive in this challenging atmosphere. However, digital marketing institutes are springing up like mushrooms and for a novice it might seem overwhelming to understand the complexities of choosing the right digital marketing institute.


Learn Digital Marketing

With the rapid accessibility of internet to the urban as well as the rural mass, a study in July 2019 showed there were 475 million internet users in India alone. Understandably, with so many people spending time and resources on internet opens a massive avenue for the economic diaspora. That being said, the consumer behaviour and their spending habits also change substantially. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a significant impact in the online buying behaviour but that didn’t stop the brand from marketing or connecting with their audience. This is the reason where digital marketing practices overtake the traditional platform. Making the world online, recognising, connecting, and implementing the consumer demands has become more analytical and result-oriented.

Digital marketing exists in the realm of the internet and is the primary reason why there are endless possibilities in working and learning through this sector. One of the direct benefits is that the brands can engage in a two-way conversation with their customers. This helps to develop options and strategies while keeping up the budget. It’s not far when digital channels will overtake the traditional channels to become the preferred mode of marketing.

Role of a Digital Marketer

Now that you are aware of the advantages of digital marketing, do you think you can become a market of the craft by learning it from any tom, dick and harry institute? To be a successful digital marketer, you have to have a complete knowledge on the digital tactics and channels. And, one of the primary learning involves understanding the customers. This process starts right from the website development and encompasses online branding assets such as social media handles, e-mail marketing, digital advertising, infographics, blogs, video advertorials and more.

But that’s just about the skill set. A complete digital marketer can also create campaigns according to the organizational goals, that involve both free and paid channels. As you complete your digital marketing course from a reputed organisation, you will become more intuitive in your approach on how each of the channels can help achieve the overarching goals of the organization.

And it goes without saying, you need to learn about the latest and the most trending training industry scenarios to become a smart and confident digital marketer. Choice of career is a personal conundrum for many. But, to make your work a little easier, we, at Carney Consultancy is here to help you get the best digital course and learn the tricks of digital marketing.

Launching a digital marketing career can initially seem to be fairly easy. All you require is a basic understanding of the digital marketing course and you are set to go. Right?


Choosing the digital marketing institute that is right in every way needs elaborate understanding.


1. Offering both online and offline courses

Online courses are the biggest trends these days. Not that it means any less from the regular classes, this is particularly convenient for those who cannot attend the normal classes. This can be for any reason; for instance, a professional who wish to make his leap forward in the digital marketing courses can enrol in the online classes simultaneously while working. Additionally, you can learn it from anywhere. Another good news is, Carney Consultancy gives you the luxury of recording of all the lectures and courses that can serve as lifelong reference.

Offline studying has its own advantages. Being physically present in a classroom gives you the benefit of interacting with the faculty as well as the other peers who are learning the same course. It is always encouraging and evokes a sense of competition when working or learning with a team that shares creative and innovative ideas. Moreover, you can get your queries solved right at the classroom. Carney Consultancy is at your disposal to help you understand and discuss which mode of class will be the best fit. To grow in this field, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge which is only possible to achieve once you start learning from a reputed institute.

foundation of the Institute

2. The foundation of the Institute

This is yet another vital point that can help you zero down on the right institute. Before you enrol with Carney Consultancy, you can find out all about their mother concern, Carney Technologies Services which stands as their finest testimonial. The enterprise is named as Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Company and how rightly so. With more than ten years into the business, you will be learning from the best. Carney Consultancy is completely dedicated and concerned about not just the education but also the welfare of its students. With a foundation that strong, you can never go wrong.

The primary objective is to impart knowledge that can help the students uplift their standards. Be it for the fresher or the professionals, the right digital marketing institute like us will help you earn the worth of every penny spent. The right education with the latest trends on digital marketing and advertising will help  mould sharp minds and create well-trained digital marketers.

Registering with a good institute not just let you become a well-versed digital marketer but also confident personnel. There will be no stopping you if your foundation is strong. While learning anything new, specially the techniques and methodologies that are bringing change into the world needs to inject a sense of future prospective. The trainers will help you realise your potential and help you grow with the institute.

The right faculty

3. The right faculty

Any institute that is good is definitely well equipped with a set of good trainers and mentors. And, with the right mentality from the students, there can be nothing stopping you to get outstanding results.  In today’s time, you can get to know almost everything from the reviews (yet another scope from digital marketing!). So, check the teachers and the reviews about their classes before enrolling. Booking teachings are not the best way to go for learning digital marketing.

There’s no denying how the right trainer can be the backbone of your course. Regardless of whether you are choosing an online or offline course, a lot depends on how you are being taught. This impacts your overall performance in your career graph. The field of digital marketing demands the rigorous implementation of practical and theoretical knowledge. Although there are no formulas but you have to be on your toes to move on with the latest trends. The online branding, advertising and marketing cannot bereave of technology and that needs to be mastered. Evolving with the every single change and updates, you need to start with the right faculty first who will inspire you to grow.

Teaching methodologies

4. Teaching methodologies

As you complete your homework on the faculty, and are ensured that the institute you were looking for, do not stop there itself. With  the best teachers and the best intentions, it is equally important that the institute has the correct mode of teaching. This is not a course that has any pre-defined textbook language. But with the right methodology, that is used for teaching, it will all make the difference.

The curriculum of the course is often updated continuously. This helps to keep everyone in sync with the changing demands of the market place. It is more than understanding the concepts but implementing them rightly is what matters. The right institute will offer plenty of practical and demonstrations that will help you learn better.

That being said, there are many institutes that move the leg to leg with the advancements and technology. But for the right one, the mentors and the trainers will understand how much every student is being able to cope up and what should be the right pace to follow. While understanding the technological developments are essential, it is equally important that students can actually understand  what is being taught. This needs particular attention when there are both online and offline classes. There has to be a flexibility which can balance the learning curve as well as not overdose on the students with the curriculum.


5. Recruitment and placements

Good knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing concepts will open up plenty of avenues for job opportunities. But, it is always an edge extra if the institute can help you get placed. Placement assistance is guaranteed at Carney Consultancy which makes your scope easier. The trainers and mentors will also help you find and understand the perfect job opportunity for a successful career.

When you pass from a reputed digital marketing institute, you can expect to enjoy a long lasting relationship with the mentors. Unlike the many institutes, once the training is over and done with, the faculty of Carney Consultancy will not refuse to be of guidance.

It is more than just empowering the students with the knowledge but also finding the best placements in terms of job and life.

Benefits of digital marketer in nutshell

  • Become truly professional
  • Enjoy a wide range of career choices
  • Interesting salary
  • Deployment of Skills in all your next jobs
  • Flexible
  • Gives you scope to show creativity

Bottom line

The online culture has given way for a niche marketing and advertising sector. The right digital marketing institute will help you acquire all the necessary unique skill set.

Being involved with a digital marketing institute that has the right faculty subtly build you drive professional development as well.

There is a growing need for digital talent, and the growth in digital marketing hires will see an up-graph in the coming times as well.

Content creation and curation, mobile marketing, social media marketing, SEO & SEM marketing, lead generation are some of the most popular skill sets that you learn in the digital marketing course. But they are not unique to digital marketing jobs. In fact, a comprehensive knowledge on the above mentioned fields can help you understand the traditional advertising positions better than any layman.

Digital marketing training helps you remain relevant and valuable in this ever-evolving job market. The majority of skills in advertising and marketing involve research and analysis. But there is huge demand for the creative skill set that is available with the successfully trained digital marketers.

There is a digital invasion all across the globe. From the huge advent of smartphone amongst the mass, online technology is taking over all aspects of communication. It is getting the best way to reach he target audience. As social media continues to grow, the need and proliferation of digital branding advertising and marketing will continue to grow.

Post the Covid-19 era, companies will be again looking at high-quality, and skilled digital marketers who can resonate with their audience. The growth for online marketing positions across various sectors will increase and learning from the best in the town will make you one of the most prospective candidates.

So get ready to update your resume with more impressive skill sets such as –

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Expert
  • Brand Marketing
  • Content Strategist
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Digital Project Planning/Management
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Web Design